Preparing The Best Security Staff

All Course TrainingFor Best Security Service

It is our Company policy to conduct our initial classroom training for all Frontline Security Staff to meet the Maharashtra Security Guard Training level. This ensures that the Guard Boards Licensing requirements are fulfilled and best security service is provided.

Listed below are some of the areas covered within our classroom:

  1. Security Patrolling
  2. Powers of Arrest
  3. Telephone Manner
  4. Reception Duties
  5. Fire Fighting/Prevention & Extinguishers
  6. Security Documentation
  7. Conflict Management


Bryte Guard Force is committed to ensure that all our Security Staff are fully trained on site and that their duties are carried out as agreed within our comprehensive Assignment Instructions (AI).

All our front line staff are encouraged and assisted to undertake further vocational qualification and First Aid Courses. This on-going training helps to improve the Security Officers’ knowledge and skills when undertaking their duties.