Do you require retail security services?

Security For Your Store

Retail Security covers the protection of a variety of enterprises and sizes offering merchandise from jewelry and clothing to food and electrical appliances all the way up to vehicles!

Naturally the category of security you require will differ upon the stock you are offering.

A prime concern of any business is loss of supplies. We will assess your areas of vulnerability and enable measures to minimise losses.

Our work in this arena has been a combination of contracts with high-end vendors as well as smaller businesses, all equally as important as the other to protect. We pride ourselves on reaching the correct balance between being approachable and personable but also holding the attributes necessary to gain respect from the public.
This inevitably leads to an increase in your profit in addition to preserving your integrity and professionalism.

We as a company have an ACS (Approved Contractor Status) for Security Guarding and Door Supervision. We can promise that once you experience the Alpha way you wouldn’t want any other retail security team working in your establishment.