Ensure your business is kept secure with our 24/7 security services.

A nationwide security provider, BGF was established in 1997 and has provided security solutions to the logistics and distribution sectors for over 20 years. Our all-inclusive security packages contain everything required to keep your logistics and distribution business secure. Highly-qualified and licensed, our security officers have been trained to deal with a broad range of threats, and have all undergone our own internal training program.

It is important that businesses working in the logistics and distribution industries are able to properly protect their assetsLogistics and distribution companies often hold valuable equipmentstock and goods on their premises. A burglary or theft will cost you money and could make it difficult to meet your customers’ demands. We make sure that your premises are properly protected against thieves, vandals and other criminals.

Logistics and distribution businesses are all unique. That means that no off-the-shelf security solution can afford the level of security required to keep them safe. Our security solutions are custom-made to meet each of our clients’ specific requirements. This means that your business will be properly protected, with no weak spots.

Category: Mobile Patrols

Client: Maersk Line

Place: Bhiwandi