Always Investing In Our People

BGF (Bryte Guard Force) Pvt. Ltd. invests heavily in staff development. It is our mission to be the employer of choice within the security industry. As a fully-owned and managed company, we are able to take a much longer-term view of our investment in people. Over the past 19 years this consistent investment in our officers, managers and Operational Support Teams (in fact, everyone who joins our organisation) has proven to be a sound policy steadily improving levels of expertise and in turn the quality of service delivered to our clients. It is this approach which has translated into 100% customer retention. Clearly investing in the individual careers of our staff benefits everyone.

Security Guard Profile

Role Responsibility:

As an Upscale Security guards, you will perform security patrols of designated areas on foot or in vehicle watching for irregular or unusual conditions that may create security concerns or safety hazards.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Sound alarms or call police or fire department in case of fire or presence of unauthorized persons
  • Warn violators of rule infractions, such as loitering, smoking or carrying forbidden articles
  • Permit authorized persons to enter property and monitors entrances and exits
  • Observe departing personnel to protect against theft of company property and ensure that authorized removal of property is conducted within appropriate client requirements
  • Investigate and prepare reports on accidents, incidents, and suspicious activities
  • Provide assistance to customers, employees and visitors in a courteous and professional manner

The Ideal Candidate:

Education, Licenses and Certifications Required

So what does it take to qualify for this great opportunity? We’re looking for professional detail-oriented individuals with a talent for effectively assessing/evaluating situations and identifying critical issues.

Here’s the minimum you’ll need to be a successful Security guard:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • Ability to pass any State-required training or other qualifications for licensing
  • Ability to pass a State licensing test if driving a company-owned or client-provided vehicle

Security Supervisor Profile

Role Responsibility:

  • Serves as on-site contact between Client and BGF support team, furthering a long-term and mutually beneficial business relationship.
  • Supervises the daily operations of security guards.
  • Ensuring the timely completion of administrative functions such as Daily Security Recaps, Daily Activity Reports, Incident Reports, logs, etc.
  • Prepare written reports, in a clear and concise method that meets the needs and requirements of the security department and the property management.
  • Promotes professionalism within the security team. Coordinates and monitors the operational effectiveness of the staff in delivery of services and with the assistance of the Area Manager and or Portfolio Manager, develops, recommends and implements necessary program changes to meet the client’s goals and objectives.
  • Ensures on-site compliance with client and BGF policies and procedures. As well as assisting the Area Manager and or Portfolio Manager in developing specific procedures that will improve and enhance the teams service delivery capabilities.
  • In conjunction with the Area Manager and or BGF Portfolio Manager, ensures the facility is fully staffed in accordance with all scheduling and staff requirements to include extra security assignments. With assistance from the Regional Security Director and or Portfolio Manager, oversees the selection, orientation, development and retention of security staff; ensures the facility has well qualified team members properly trained to carry out the organisations’ mission.
  • Ensures that all post orders and training materials are updated regularly. Officers are trained thoroughly on security material.
  • Monitors, advises, and updates Client and BGF management contacts of all information regarding security issues.
  • Oversees and ensures security equipment (e.g., radios, cell phones, pagers, monitors, chargers, printers, flashlights, keys, cameras and computers, etc.) are in excellent working condition and not mishandled or abused.


  • Pose excellent supervision and personal skills.
  • Have excellent coaching skills, organisational skills, good computer knowledge and literacy are a must.
  • Have a strong knowledge of security and emergency operations.
  • Have an employment history demonstrating reliability and dependability.
  • Be able to handle emergency situations effectively while remaining calm.
  • Display a professional demeanor at all times.
  • Possess excellent customer service skills.
  • Be able to work independently while also being a team player.


  • A high school diploma is a must but a college degree, though not necessary, will help with promotions
  • Certificate from the state in which they are working
  • Good experience working in the field of security

Area Manager Profile

Job Brief:

We are looking for a competent Security Manager/Area Manager to organise and oversee all security operations of our company. Security personnel will be under your command while you develop and implement policies and procedures to maintain security standards.

As security manager, you will have to demonstrate excellent surveillance and emergency response skills. You will need a strong commitment to security rules and knowledge of all hazards and threats to safety. Since you will have a number of people under your responsibility, you must also exhibit leadership skills.

The goal is to create and preserve an environment where employees, visitors and property are safe and well-protected.


  • Develop and implement security policies, protocols and procedures
  • Control budgets for security operations and monitor expenses in your area
  • Recruit, train and supervise security officers and guards
  • Attend meetings with other managers to determine operational needs
  • Plan and coordinate security operations for your area
  • Coordinate staff when responding to emergencies and alarms
  • Review reports on incidents and breaches in your area
  • Investigate and resolve issues
  • Create reports for management on security status
  • Analyze data to form proposals for improvements (e.g. implementation of new technology)


  • Proven experience as Area Officer or similar position
  • Experience using relevant technology and equipment (e.g. CCTV)
  • Experience in reporting and emergency response planning
  • Excellent knowledge of security protocols and procedures
  • Solid understanding of budgeting and statistical data analysis
  • Working knowledge of MS Office
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Outstanding organizational and leadership skills
  • Committed and reliable
  • High school diploma; Further education in security administration or similar field will be an asset

Interested in a career with BGF

We are always looking to recruit and retain individuals of the highest quality who share the values we have here at BGF. We offer a clear career progression programme in all departments; for example many of our Area Managers and Control Team members started with BGF as Security Officers.

If you are interested in a career with BGF, please click below to reach us for live vacancies and send a complete application. If you have any queries you can also email our Recruitment Team at who will be happy to help.